My Logo

My Logo

I’ve been asked why I chose this logo for my website, so I thought I’d take the opportunity here to share its meaning, as it sheds light on my life and work.

The first reason I created this logo is for my initials. If you focus on just the white and black colors, you will see that they are the letters E and R.

Secondly, the logo intentionally resembles the YinYang, the popular Taoist symbol representing the simultaneous duality and unity of life. The YinYang visually explains how all of manifestation is divided into pairs of opposites, which are inextricably linked and dependently arising (i.e. hot vs. cold, up vs. down, in vs. out, light vs. dark, conscious vs. unconscious, masculine vs. feminine, right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, etc…). In the logo, this duality is represented by the same swirling black and white colors I pointed to previously. More importantly, this symbol also reminds us that, although the mind and senses perceive reality as split into opposites, underneath these divisions is one Being flowing in dynamic harmony with Itself. If we look deeply, we see that the universal Tao is what gives rise to all things. In the logo, this is symbolized by the soft white glow emerging from the center. These themes are prevalent across my work. Only through acknowledging and understanding the opposites in our lives can we transcend them. And only by transcending them do we discover a new way of being, which is an integration of the two opposites into a third unified reality. This is how we find healing and wholeness.

Finally, my creative take on the YinYang serves as an ode to the beginning of my spiritual journey. I fondly remember when my 7th grade history teacher noticed my inquisitiveness about Eastern schools of thought. One day after class, she gifted me a stunning edition of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching to aid in my desire for understanding. Not only was this text profoundly influential on my young psyche, but it was also my introduction to spiritual philosophy in general. It led me to think differently about life and impressed upon me the depth of knowledge and harmony that was possible for humankind. Unknown at the time, receiving this book was the start of my search for enlightenment, which later blossomed into the driving force of my life. Never had I encountered such wisdom distilled into a single book of simple aphorisms, nor have I since. To this day, I carry this special text with me to every place I live. It is one of my most prized possessions and currently sits on my home office bookshelf waiting to inspire others.

I have chosen for my logo to be imbued with deep personal and universal meaning, and at the same time be pleasing to look at. It is a symbol for my name, for my origin story, for my approach to counseling and teaching, and for life itself. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Shoutout to Joon Park from Chase Design for his creative vision, collaborative ethos, and flawless ability to bring the logo to life.

All beings support yin and embrace yang,
and the interplay of these two forces fills the universe.
~ Lao Tzu