I Am Awareness

I Am Awareness

A Poem

I Am Awareness

I am awareness. I am nothing but awareness.

To understand this, and to experience this, is to begin to separate the things that change from the thing that does not change.
Begin to identify with the changeless.

The world changes. I am not the world.
The body changes. I am not the body.
The sensations change. I am not the sensations.
The feelings change. I am not the feelings.

The thoughts change. I am not the thoughts.
The perceptions change. I am not the perceptions.

I am the one watching these things.
I am the silent witness, the awareness of Being.

I, awareness, am the only thing in the entire universe that does not change.
No matter what goes on around me or inside me, I am always there, aware.

The movie is projected onto a screen.
No matter what movie is playing, no matter what the characters are doing,
the screen remains the same, neutral and receptive.
I am the screen.

Clouds, thunder, lightning, wind, and rain pass through the sky.
The sky sees endless activity, but the sky remains the same,
open and holding all in its embrace.
I am the sky.

Objects are placed in front of a mirror and then taken away.
The objects and the reflections on the mirror change, but the mirror itself does not change.
It remains completely surrendered to everything that comes in front of it,
simply reflecting and accepting without reaction.
I am the mirror.

The world, the body, the sensations,
the feelings, the thoughts, and the perceptions
all parade in front of my awareness,
coming and going, ebbing and flowing,
in an endless stream of change.
But the awareness itself remains the same.
I am.

Awareness sees awareness and dissolves into itself.
What is left?

~ Eli Recht

Though the dance of creation changes around me in the hall of eternity, I shall be the same.
~ Anandamoyi Ma