Grace Happens

Grace Happens

Book Announcement

In 2021, I had the privilege of professionally editing the book Grace Happens: An Awakening of Consciousness by Philip Weber, which tells the extraordinary story of Phil’s spiritual awakening and enlightenment. After some unforeseen delays, here now at the start of 2024, I am fortunate again to announce the book’s official release.

As someone who has read countless exposés on the subject of Self-realization, I can safely say that there are few accounts out in the world like this one. To my knowledge, most books that delve into the topic discuss what life is like before and after. What makes Grace Happens unique is that, in addition to these things, it explores the part of the journey during the shift from ego-identification to ego-transcendence. It also covers many unexpected challenges one might face when actively surrendering the finite self for the Infinite. Through emails and journal entries written during Phil’s transition, and with commentaries added afterward reflecting on them, this book offers a highly unusual and deeply personal perspective on the awakening process.

According to Phil, Grace Happens was written for the following reasons: 1) to inspire people to strive for greater Self-awareness, 2) to help others who are feeling stuck on the spiritual path, 3) to assist those who are actively crossing the awakening threshold, and 4) to express gratitude for the Grace he has received.

This third reason is how I met Phil. In 2020, I found myself in a spiritual crisis. My normal frame of reference seemed to be crumbling and a new one emerging. Years earlier, I had dedicated my life to the shedding of ego, but now that this was on my doorstep, I felt confused and unstable. Shockingly, none of the many spiritual books I had read seemed to prepare me for ego death, despite their depthful disclosures on the issue. Admittedly, I had some sense that my crisis could be a spiritual awakening, but I couldn’t know for certain. It was at this point that a close friend of mine called to check in on me. On the phone, I emptied my heart and shared what I was going through. My friend, thankfully having enough spiritual sensitivity, also recognized that this could be an awakening and thus connected me with Phil, who he knew was awake. One of the first things Phil did was send me the unpublished manuscript of Grace Happens! Excitedly, I devoured it, every page full of wisdom. In it, he shared many ideas, insights, and events that resonated with my personal knowing and experience, much of which I had never encountered from any other source. Additionally, I was taken with the pervasive and sometimes irreverent humor throughout the book, along with a very frank assessment of his human limitations (something one doesn’t see much in spiritual literature). For me, the book was revelatory and ultimately confirmed that an awakening was indeed happening. Most importantly, it gave me the strength to move through it and the understanding to stabilize on the other side.

I share all of this to shed light on how I became the editor, to vouch for the authenticity of Phil’s testimony, and to convey how helpful this book was for me so that you may feel confident in reading it. In a 2007 World Convocation talk given to thousands of people, SRF monk Brother Ishtananda shared stories about everyday people he had come across who had experienced spiritual awakenings and moments of profound transcendence. During this talk, he made a point to state that he was sharing these anecdotes not to discourage people, but to encourage and remind them that Grace is available and accessible to all of us at any time. The intention behind this book is the same.

Philip Weber is a refreshing and original voice. He seeks no recognition, does not teach, and asks for no remuneration. He cares only about bettering our world and assisting fellow souls on their journey to enlightenment. He is an embodiment of the light of awareness that he was Graced with, and I am grateful to call him a mentor and friend. Although Phil’s book is only about one individual, it reveals the divine truth about each of us and what is possible for humanity. I am delighted to introduce you to his beautiful story.

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Grace Happens: An Awakening of Consciousness is available on Amazon in paperback ($16.99) and Kindle ($9.99). All profits from this book will be donated to Interfaith Community Services in Escondido, California to assist the homeless and disadvantaged. If you would like to obtain a paperback version with an inscription from the author and a bookmark (for the same price), please inquire through the Connect page.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a smooth journey ahead.

Awakening can and inevitably does happen to everyone, and that includes you.
~ Philip Weber